The Life of SHAME Volume II

Inertia Justice is a national and international slam poet, model, activist, actress, business professional, and a budding new author. Her poetry has been published in several national and international anthologies of poetry. A scholar, Inertia holds a Master’s degree in Sociology, Bachelors degree in Communications and an Associate’s degree in Business Administration. She has published three poetry journals and has released three poetic discs available on iTunes, Spotify, and Tidal.

The Life of Shame Vol. II is the second book of a trilogy seeking to give a voice to the pressures of “adulting” in a boundaryless age. Sha’me struggles to create boundaries without conforming to norms that may not reflect who she really is. Follow her on this journey and possibly see yourself in her successes and challenges.  

Inertia Justice tackles difficult subjects in this trilogy: Adulting, Gendering and Conforming. If you like E. Lynn Harris, J. California Cooper, and E. L. James, you will enjoy The Life of SHAME.

The Life of SHAME Volume II


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